Looking for a Last-Minute Gift Recipient? How About Our Depot!

It's Christmas and the end of the year is approaching. If you wish to make a donation to the Depot and its restoration, we'd love to have you do so. We still have a lot of work to do on the exterior to better show off all the wonderful things the Clare County Arts Council, Clare Chamber of Commerce,  Dennis G. and others have done to make the interior a museum and community showplace.

Next year, we get our conductor sculpture for the front. Make your donation (that may be tax deductible) to help us complete the project. Please contact us if you have questions.

If you have or would like to make an In kind donation, please use this form: http://www.claredepot.com/Websites/claredepot/files/Content/6379923/Depot_form-compressed_(1).pdf

Clare, Michigan Railroad Depot Open to Visitors

The depot is now open during business hours of the Clare County Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber is open 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Please stop in, and view the first floor interior with its railroad museum. There is also a gift shop that may be open as staffing allows.  All proceeds benefit the depot. 

The lower level may not be accessible as it is the home of the Clare County Arts Council. 


Article about the Clare Depot

The March/April issue of the Michigan Municipal League newsletter has an article by Clare City Manager Ken Hibl concerning the work that went into restoring our depot. It's a short read, but an interesting one. Please take a look


Take a 7 minute journey through the recent history of the Clare Railroad depot through a slideshow and a short video produced by MAC-TV. 


Click to view a video slideshow about the building's move last year from its original location adjacent to the tracks to its new permanent home just off of Clare's downtown.

Clare Depot Items Needed

Do you own or have an idea where items can be found that were once part of the Clare Depot? Maybe some old signage, photographs, time schedules, train equipment, furniture or the like. While we'd love to have it given or loaned to us, we'd also just like to know where these items can be found so we can document them, if you'd let us. 

We're even interested in old letters or descriptions that might shed light on how the depot looked, and what people thought of it.  Believe it or not, there are no photos or drawings that we are aware of that show the interior of the Clare depot.  Do you know of any?  We'd LOVE to find something!